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With Bamboo Gardens Acupuncture and Holistic Lifestyle coaching in Weymouth, MA, You CAN experience an EPIC life!

Shanie Coven Easter Lic. Ac.


Are you ready to gain awareness about your physical body, emotional state and spiritual connection?

Are you beginning to figure out that everything is connected (body, mind and spirit)?

Are you ready to LET GO of what no longer serves you and step into a life full of peace, calm, ease and joy?

We are here to help!


At Bamboo Gardens Acupuncture and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching we PASSIONATELY believe everyone has a right to  a happy, healthy, authentic existence that is a UNIQUE experience for every individual.

You need to do what’s right for YOU.  NOT your neighbor or your parents or that unreal, perfect, made up person that society and the media always has us comparing ourselves too.

We PASSIONATELY believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and confident living their own unique existence, free from the desires and beliefs of other people, cultures and society!

We PASSIONATELY  believe that AWARENESS is the bridge from where you are now to where you long to be.

  • Better awareness of your physical body and the symptoms you are experiencing.  (What is your body trying to tell you?  What are the triggers?)
  • Better awareness of how your body reacts in certain situations: at work, at home, at rest, at play or under extreme stress.
  • Better awareness about the body, mind, spirit connection especially repressed emotions and physical symptoms

We passionately believe that as an individuals you need to take some time to connect with your true self to bring forth into the world that which is nearest and dearest to you.

  • By deepening an already existing spiritual connection or reconnecting to spirit in a more authentic way.
  • By giving yourself permission to be more spiritually connected and to realize that it is part of your overall health and well being.

If your ready to experience your EPIC life call (781) 812-0057,

or email today!

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