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K.K. Weymouth, MA

I have been going to Bamboo Gardens for 12 years. My chronic pain is something I have battled with my entire life and continue to need assistance with. Since starting with Shanie I have learned about myself, my body and my pain pathways. Shanie has been able to adjust her techniques and abilities to meet my individual needs at every turn. I can now go longer periods of times without hands on assistance but do best when a combination of Tao Healing Hands, herb therapy and in person services are provided as needed. Shanie is understanding, knowledgeable and able to be flexible enough to assist my chronic pain even as it changes. I have received various therapies, procedures and surgeries over the years and Shanie is my one constant that I continue to turn to for relief, support and pain management. Without hesitation I recommend Shanie to anyone looking for pain relief, inner balance or just someone curious about
acupuncture and other therapies offered at Bamboo Gardens. One can’t go wrong trying to better their lives.
K.K. Weymouth, MA
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