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D.B. Pembroke, MA

Shanie Coven Easter and her gentle approach with acupuncture gave me back my life.  I had been suffering with IBS for years, but it worsened considerably after menopause.  The medical profession offered no answers.  In fact the medication they gave me only made the symptoms worse.  I decided to try alternative medicine.  I must say I was a

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L.P. Cohasset, MA

I poo-pooed acupuncture for so long and it ended up being the one thing that actually helped me quit smoking.  I wish I had come years ago.

J.A. Hingham, MA

After putting myself through numerous medical tests, exams, procedures and multiple doctors across 2 states, I was still suffering from crippling menstrual cycles.  Many times at work I would need to change clothing, just as my mother suffered through the years.  My last cycle was the first in over 10 years where I was able to take a

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S.F. East Bridgewater, MA

I came to Shanie for stress relief and to treat neck cramps from sitting in front of a computer all day. I loved the peaceful environment and gentle treatment. I left feeling unbelievably relaxed.  I saw immediate positive effects.  I couldn’t wait to go back for my next treatment. The treatments helped reduce the amount of stress I could

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